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Metabolic Maps: Pesticides, Environmentally Relevant Molecules and Biologically Active Molecules
Metabolic Maps: Pesticides, Environmentally Relevant Molecules and Biologically Active Molecules By Hiroyasu Aizawa
English | 2001 | 330 Pages | ISBN: 0120456052 | PDF | 21 MB

The prediction of the metabolic profiles of designed molecules and the subsequent process of safety assessment is vital in the discovery of new lead molecules. Metabolic Maps illustrates the metabolic profiles of biologically active molecules, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals and natural products, and of environmentally or toxicologically concerned compounds. The metabolic profiles of the molecules are illustrated in various environmental systems with comprehensive chemical interpretations. The predicted logP, 3D chemical structures, and the SMILES chemical notations of the molecules are also indicated. The book thus helps scientists to design sophisticated molecules much more efficiently and effectively than in the past.

Metabolic Maps:
?Covers literature relating to degradation and metabolic profiles of molecules
?Draws together the literature on degradation and metabolism patterns with that on diversified conditions of the environmental systems
?Indicates 3D chemical structures, predicted physico-chemical parameters, logP and the SMILES chemical notations of the parent compounds to assist scientists design the lead compounds for new discovery using computer-aided technology.
The book will be of interest to those working in:
?Agrochemical Companies for the discovery of the new lead compounds
?Toxicology Institutes as a database for the studies of metabolism and residue analysis of the pesticide candidates for registration
?Regulatory Agencies as an excellent resource for reviewing a set of data for the registration of the pesticides, especially on metabolism and residue analysis
?Research laboratories for agrochemical research and development and for research into the environmental concerns of chemicals
?Universities for research and educational use on agrochemical research and for the assessment of environmentally concerned chemicals
?Agrochemical, toxicological, biochemical, and related societies
?Contract Research Laboratories and Computer Chemistry Companies for developing databases to predict the metabolic profiles of the designed molecules
?Pharmaceutical companies for the discovery of new pharmaceutical lead compounds
?Disciplines involving Pesticide Chemistry, Toxicology, Metabolism, Environmental Chemistry and Residue Chemistry.




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