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Aircraft Number 148: A-3 Skywarrior in Action (Repost)

Jim Sullivan - A-3 Skywarrior in Action

Squadron/Signal Publications | 1995 | ISBN: 0897473280 | English | 51 pages | PDF | 7.7 MB

Aircraft Number 148

The A-3 started out as the Navy's strategic nuclear delivery platform and due to it's size (large but within limits of the CV) routinely operated off of carriers and subsequently went on to fill other vital roles. This book details the design, flight test, and development as an A-3A, A-3B, Tanker, Trainer, E-Recon, Jammer, Photo-Recon, Tanker-Jammer, and FEWSG ERA-3B birds. It has sketches, photos, line drawings, specifications, full color photos, cockpit pictures, overseas operations, ECM/Weapon blisters and so on and so forth.

Aircraft Number 148: A-3 Skywarrior in Action (Repost)
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