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"Lake Sciences and Climate Change" ed. by M.Nageeb Rashed

"Lake Sciences and Climate Change" ed. by M.Nageeb Rashed
English | ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535125575 9535125567 | 193 pages | PDF | 41 MB
This book deals with several aspects of lake sciences (botany, zoology, geology, chemistry, models, morphology, and physiography) ,as well as the effect of climatic changes on lake body ecosystem. Scientists from different fields of lake sciences reported in this book their findings.

Lakes are highly essential for their water quality, habitat suitability, and water supply. Lakes constitute important source for aquatic life, fish, wildlife, and human, but can undergo rapid environmental changes. Most important factors that affect lake ecosystem are climate, atmospheric inputs, land use, morphology, and physiography. Several environmental problems can affect a lakes water quality, and habitat suitability.
The book is divided into three sections and structured into 10 chapters.
The first section discusses the relationship between lake and climatic change;
the second section explains lake biology and health;
and the third section focuses on water quality, management, and modeling.

1 Climatic Change in a Large Shallow Tropical Lake Chapala, Mexico
2 Relationship between Water Levels in the North American Great Lakes and Climate Indices
3 Lake La Salada de Chiprana (NE Spain), an Example of an Athalassic Salt Lake in a Cultural Landscape
4 Shallow Lakes of the Mexican Central Plateau: Assessing their Health Condition with Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Sentinel Organisms
5 Variations in the Zooplankton Species Structure of Eutrophic Lakes in Turkey
6 Phycoremediation of Eutrophic Lakes Using Diatom Algae
7 Adaptive Management of an Imperiled Catostomid in Lake Mohave, Lower Colorado River, USA
8 Chemometric Analysis of Wetlands Remnants of the Former Texcoco Lake: A Multivariate Approach
9 Fuzzy Logic as a Tool for the Assessment of Water Quality for Reservoirs: A Regional Perspective (Lerma River Basin, Mexico)
10 Water Quality Modelling of Northern Lakes Case Study (Egyptian Northern Lakes)

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