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Neurooncology: Newer Developments
"Neurooncology: Newer Developments" ed. by Amit Agrawal
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535124269 9535124250 | 479 pages | PDF | 81 MB

The book contains the information of various aspects of newer developments and recent advances in the field of central nervous system (CNS) tumor molecular biology, tumor progression, clinical presentation, imaging and management.
The authors from different reputed institutions shared their knowledge on this open access platform to disseminate their knowledge at global level. As it is obvious in the current text, the field of neurooncology is heterogeneous and under continuous development with addition of new knowledge and information on regular basis.
The collective contributions from experts attempt to provide updates regarding ongoing research and developments pertaining to CNS tumor genetics and molecular aspects and their applied aspect in reference to patient management.

1 Molecular Advances in Glioblastoma Neuropathology
2 The Roles of MicroRNAs in Glioblastoma Biology and Biomarker
3 Novel Endocrine Targets for GBM Therapy
4 Genetic Alterations of Glioblastoma
5 Mechanisms of Glioma Cell Invasion
6 Critical Molecular and Genetic Markers in Primary Brain Tumors with Their Clinical Importance
7 Advanced MR Imaging Techniques in the Diagnosis of Intraaxial Brain Tumors
8 Molecular Imaging of Brain Tumours
9 Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring in Neuro-oncology
10 Neurocognitive Effects of Primary Brain Tumors
11 Current Trends in High-Grade Gliomas
12 Laser Ablation in Neuro-oncology
13 Interstitial Chemotherapy for Malignant Gliomas
14 Oligoastrocytoma: A Vanishing Tumor Entity
15 Meningiomas Management: An Update of the Literature
16 Medulloblastoma: Clinical Challenges and Emerging Molecular Discoveries
17 Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma: A Therapeutic Challenge
18 Minimally Invasive Surgery for Treatment of Patients with Advanced Cancer and Thoraco-lumbar Spine Metastases
19 The Role of Exercise in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
20 Pediatric Neuro-Oncology in Low-/Middle-Income Countries
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