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Improvised Explosive Devices: The Paradigmatic Weapon of New Wars

Improvised Explosive Devices: The Paradigmatic Weapon of New Wars
Palgrave Macmillan | Conflict Studies | August 16, 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319338331 | 134 pages | pdf | 2.19 mb
Authors: Revill, James
Offers a security-focused assessment of the history and future of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and remote killings
Presents multiple case studies: the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan; the Irish Republican Army; Hezbollah; the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE); and the use of IEDs by state actors during both the Second World War and the Cold War
Primes readers with a comprehensive and accessible overview of the ethical questions surrounding this peace and conflict phenomenon

This book begins with an account of the evolution of improvised explosive devices using a number of micro case studies to explore how and why actors have initiated IED campaigns; how new and old technologies and expertise have been exploited and how ethical barriers to IED development and deployment have been dealt with. It proceeds to bring the evidence from the case studies together to identify themes and trends in IED development, before looking at what can realistically be done to mitigate the threat of IEDs in the new wars of the twenty first century. The book suggests that the advance and availability of a combination of technological factors, in conjunction with changes in the nature of contemporary conflicts, have led to the emergence of IEDs as the paradigmatic weapons of new wars. However their prevalence in contemporary and future conflicts is not inevitable, but rather depends on the willingness of multiple sets of actors at different levels to build a web of preventative measures to mitigate - if not eradicate - IED development and deployment.

Military and Defence Studies
Terrorism and Political Violence
Security Science and Technology
Conflict Studies
Comparative Politics

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