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Media in New Turkey: The Origins of an Authoritarian Neoliberal State

Media in New Turkey: The Origins of an Authoritarian Neoliberal State (The Geopolitics of Information) by Bilge Yesil
English | 2016 | ISBN: 0252040171, 025208165X | 216 pages | PDF | 2 MB

In Media in New Turkey , Bilge Yesil unlocks the complexities surrounding and penetrating todays Turkish media. Yesil focuses on a convergence of global and domestic forces that range from the 1980 military coup to globalizations inroads and the recent resurgence of political Islam. Her analysis foregrounds how these and other forces become intertwined, and she uses Turkeys media to unpack the ever-more-complex relationships. Yesil confronts essential questions regarding: · the role of the state and military in building the structures that shaped Turkeys media system; · media adaptations to ever-shifting contours of political and economic power; · how the far-flung economic interests of media conglomerates leave them vulnerable to state pressure; and · the ways Turkeys politicized judiciary criminalizes certain speech. Drawing on local knowledge and a wealth of Turkish sources, Yesil provides an engrossing look at the fault lines carved by authoritarianism, tradition, neoliberal reform, and globalization within Turkeys increasingly far-reaching media.

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Tags: Turkey, Origins, Authoritarian, Neoliberal

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