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Tooth Movement (Frontiers of Oral Biology)

Tooth Movement (Frontiers of Oral Biology) By A. Kantarci, L. Will, S. Yen, P. T. Sharpe
2016 | 144 Pages | ISBN: 3318054798 | PDF | 7 MB

New research in accelerated orthodonticsWith the intention of improving the rate, quality, and stability of orthodontic tooth movement, those in the field are now moving toward accomplishing this 'acceleration' with minimally or non-invasive methods. New procedures have been widely tested in humans, animal models, and in vitro. While interest is growing both in the industry and at the clinical level, the understanding of the biology is limited. Considering that a simple increase in force will result in tooth morbidity and arrest of the tooth migration, a multi-disciplinary approach is critical for success. This publication brings together multi-disciplinary expertise on a wide variety of processes related to and involved in orthodontic tooth movement. The premise is that, by better understanding the biological structures and the mechanism through which they respond to biomechanical forces, one can get a better assessment of the 'acceleration'.This work presents research aimed at an improved understanding of conventional and accelerated orthodontic tooth movement from a biological perspective and will be of great value to clinicians, researchers, academics, and students.

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Tags: Movement, Frontiers, Biology

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