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Fascia: Clinical applications for health and human performance

Mark Lindsay, Chad Robertson - Fascia: Clinical applications for health and human performance
English | 2008-05-05 | ISBN: 1418055697 | PDF | 304 pages | 31.25 MB

One of the strengths of this text is the amount of research evidence used to support the theory behind the concepts presented. I believe this text could be used for a wide range of health care practitioners/programs. The photos and diagrams are excellent.

This is cutting edge information and will be useful for all manual therapists, allopathic doctors, and health/wellnes providers. This text should be required reading for all healthcare professionals. It will help them understand the role connective tissue (fascia) plays in health and wellness. The nutritional information in chapters 12 & 13 and the chapter on water will help healthcare givers understand why proper supplementation and hydration is needed in the tissues.
Health practitioners and body workers need a firm understanding of the significance of fascia in human performance. The role nutrition plays in fascial health, how injuries and diseases influence fascia, and the rehabilitative techniques to restore functional capacity of the affected tissue are essential components of improving performance. This book starts with a basic overview of fascia and its biological underpinnings, and progresses through clinical treatment applications, nutritional and pharmacological support information, and techniques for managing fascial conditions and injuries.

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