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Analysis of the Incest Trauma: Retrieval, Recovery, Renewal

Arnold W. Rachman, Susan Klett, "Analysis of the Incest Trauma: Retrieval, Recovery, Renewal"
English | ISBN: 1782202218 | 2015 | 369 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Childhood sexual abuse within the family of origin and societys institutions, such as the church, education, sports and the world of celebrity has been neglected as a significant issue by psychoanalysis and society. The incest trauma needs to be understood as one of the most significant problems of contemporary society.

This book is an attempt to re-establish incest trauma as a significant psychological disorder by tracing the evolutionary trajectory of psychoanalysis from the Seduction Theory to the Oedipal Therapy to the Confusion of Tongues Theory. By examining the theoretical, emotional, interpersonal and political issues involved in Freuds abandoning the Seduction Hypothesis and replacing it with the Oedipal Complex, we can see how system building became more important than the emotional welfare of children. In a series of chapters we will demonstrate this neglect of the incest trauma. Several case studies, using a Relational Perspective informed by the Budapest School of Psychoanalysis, illustrate the need to use the Confusion of Tongues theory of trauma, originated by Ferenczi as well his idea of expanding the analytic method to include non-interpretative measures to successfully analyze the incest trauma.

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Tags: Analysis, Incest, Trauma, Retrieval, Recovery, Renewal

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