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Theory of Structural Transformations in Solids

Armen G Khachatryan, "Theory of Structural Transformations in Solids"
English | ISBN: 0486462803 | 2008 | 576 pages | EPUB | 64 MB

Addressing both theoretical and practical aspects of phase transformation in alloys, this text formulates significant aspects of the quantitative metallurgy of phase transformations. It further applies solid-state theoretical concepts to structure problems arising in experimental studies of real alloys. Author Armen G. Khachaturyan, Professor of Materials Science at Rutgers University, ranks among the foremost authorities on this subject. In this volume, he takes a creative approach to examining change in atomic structure and morphology caused by ordering, strain-induced ordering, strain-cont.

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Tags: Theory, Structural, Transformations, Solids

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