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The Little Book That Beats the Market (Audiobook)

The Little Book That Beats the Market By Joel Greenblatt, read by Adam Grupper
2007 | 3 hours and 18 mins Pages | ISBN: 0743555856 | MP3 64 kbps | 96 MB

An Amazon and Wall Street sensation before publication, this amazing little audiobook of profound money-making wisdom asks: Who cant spare three hours to learn how to beat the market? As unlikely as it may seem, hedge fund manager and professor, Joel Greenblatt, whose investment firm has averaged 40% annual returns for over twenty years, can teach listeners how to achieve investment returns that beat the pants off even the best investment professionals and the top academics. In fact, they can learn how its possible to more than double the annual returns of the stock market averages. But theres more. They can do it all by themselves. They can do it with low risk. They can do it without making any predictions, and they can do it by following, step by step, a magic formula that uses only common sense and two simple concepts. Best of all, once they are convinced that it really works, they can choose to do it for the rest of their life. Its never too early or too late to start investing, and by following the simple steps and magic formula that are clearly outlined and explained, listeners can achieve extraordinary long-term investment results with a very low level of risk.

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