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Macro- to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior, 2nd Edition

D. Y. Tzou, "Macro- to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior, 2nd Edition"
English | ISBN: 1118818229 | 2014 | 576 pages | PDF conv | 23 MB

Physical processes taking place in micro/nanoscale stronglydepend on the material types and can be very complicated. Knownapproaches include kinetic theory and quantum mechanics,non-equilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics, moleculardynamics, and/or fractal theory and fraction model. Due to innatelydifferent physical bases employed, different approaches may involvedifferent physical properties in describing micro/nanoscale heattransport. In addition, the parameters involved in differentapproaches, may not be mutually inclusive.

Macro- to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior,Second Edition continues the well-received concept of thermallagging through the revolutionary approach that focuses on thefinite times required to complete the various physical processes inmicro/nanoscale. Different physical processes in heat/masstransport imply different delay times, which are common regardlessof the material type. The delay times, termed phase lags, arecharacteristics of materials. Therefore the dual-phase-lag modeldeveloped is able to describe eleven heat transfer models frommacro to nanoscale in the same framework of thermal lagging. Recentextensions included are the lagging behavior in mass transport, aswell as the nonlocal behavior in space, bearing the same merit ofthermal lagging in time, in shrinking the ultrafast response downto the nanoscale.

Key features:

Takes a unified approach describing heat and mass transportfrom macro, micro to nanoscale
Compares experimental results for model validation
Includes easy to follow mathematical formulation
Accompanied by a website hosting supporting material
Macro- to Microscale Heat Transfer: The Lagging Behavior,Second Edition is a comprehensive reference for researchers andpractitioners, and graduate students in mechanical, aerospace,biological and chemical engineering.

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