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Critical International Law: Postrealism, Postcolonialism, and Transnationalism

Prabhakar Singh, Benoît Mayer, "Critical International Law: Postrealism, Postcolonialism, and Transnationalism"
English | ISBN: 0199450633 | 2014 | 372 pages | PDF | 3 MB

The number of scholars engaging critically with the paradoxes hidden in international law continues to grow. This edited volume features contributions by scholars from around the world, from different generations, and with different critical perspectives, reflecting the vibrancy of contemporary critical debates.

The editors have identified three main streams representating critical international law. While Postrealism discusses international laws and international politics, Postcolonialism grapples with the understanding of international law vis-a-vis decolonized countries informed by sociology, philosophy and history. Transnationalism displaces states as the primary makers of international law to include non-state actors in the global governance, if any, of international law.

This book would be useful to students and researchers in international law and related disciplines (e.g. international relations, global studies, political science, sociology of law).

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Tags: Critical, International, Postrealism, Postcolonialism, Transnationalis

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