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Navy SEAL Shooting

Navy SEAL Shooting by Chris Sajnog
2015 | ISBN: 194378700X | English | 386 pages | EPUB/AZW | 29 MB/30 MB

Imagine if you could learn to shoot safely and effectively at home-saving you time and money you dont have. Well, now you can! Navy SEAL Shooting teaches you the groundbreaking training method developed by one of the most respected firearms instructors in the world, retired Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and 385 illustrations, this book covers everything you need to know to make effective shots in any high-stress situation.
You will learn to plan your training, improve your accuracy and speed, shoot while moving, and clear malfunctions.
Plus discover every manipulation needed for any semi-automatic pistol or rifle.
Whether in combat, competition, or just safely and confidently protecting yourself or your family, this book will help you dominate any opponent.
Its the middle of the night...
You hear a sudden crash in the kitchen...
Someone has broken into your home.
Hes armed and ready to kill.
Will you be able to protect your family?

Shoot like a Navy SEAL, Unlock Your Warrior Potential, and Protect Your Family - Without Expensive Trips to the Firing Range!

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