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Courting Science

Courting Science By Damon Coletta
English | 2016 | 248 Pages | ISBN: 0804798931 , 080479894X | PDF | 2 MB

In Courting Science, Damon Coletta offers a novel explanation for the decline of American leadership in world affairs. Whether the American Century ends sooner rather than later may depend on Americas capacity for self-reflection and, ultimately, self-restraint when it comes to science, technology, and engineering. Democracys affinity for advanced technology has to be balanced against scientific research and progress as a global enterprise. In an era of rising challengers to Americas lead in the international order and an increasingly globalized civil society, a "Scientific State" has a better chance of extending its dominance. In order to draw closer to this ideal, though, the United States will have to reconsider its grand strategy. It must have a strategy that scrutinizes how tightly it constrains, how narrowly it directs, and how far it trusts American scientists. If given the opportunity, scientists have the potential to lead a second American Century through domestic science and technology policy, international diplomacy, and transnational networks for global governance.

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