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Larissa L. Bailey, B. V. Ball - Honey Bee Pathology, Second Edition

Larissa L. Bailey, B. V. Ball - Honey Bee Pathology, Second Edition
1991 | ISBN: 0120734818 | English | 208 pages | PDF | 6.3 MB

Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1982, investigation into the pathology of honey bees has progressed considerably. Furthermore, several different agents of disease, some newly discovered, have been causing increasing concern in recent years in many parts of the world.
The book contains separate chapters on viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mites, nematode and insect parasites, non-infectious diseases, and the treatment of diseases. The contents are a thorough revision of the previous edition and incorporate much new information, especially with respect to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mites. Specific organisms, such as the mite Varroa jacobsoni and the secondary diseases resulting from its presence, are considered in detail.
Knowledge of the subject is central to well-managed beekeeping, an industry that, besides producing honey and wax for man, is increasingly valuable ecologically for pollinating wild as well as cultivated plants. Apart from its value for beekeeping and apicultural research, this book will also be of interest to ecologists, microbiologists, virologists, parasitologists, and general entomologists.

Key Features
Serves as a thorough revision of the first edition
Focuses particular attention to new materials on viral diseases of bees, particularly the Varroa virus

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