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Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics in Ancient Thought

Ricardo Salles, "Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics in Ancient Thought: Themes from the Work of Richard Sorabji"
2005 | pages: 603 | ISBN: 019926130X | PDF | 3,5 mb

Leading figures in ancient philosophy present eighteen original papers on three key themes in the work of Richard Sorabji. The papers dealing with Metaphysics range from Democritus to Numenius on basic questions about the structure and nature of reality: necessitation, properties, and time. The section on Soul includes one paper on the individuation of souls in Plato and five papers on Aristotles and Aristotelian theories of cognition, with a special emphasis on perception. The section devoted to Ethics concentrates upon Stoicism and the complex views the Stoics held on such topics as motivation, akrasia, oikeiƓsis, and the emotions. The volume contains a fascinating "intellectual autobiography" by Sorabji himself, and a full Bibliography of his works.


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Tags: Metaphysics, Ethics, Ancient, Thought

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