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Michael Newton - Crime Fighting and Crime Prevention (Criminal Justice)

Michael Newton - Crime Fighting and Crime Prevention (Criminal Justice)
2010 | ISBN: 1604136294 | English | 125 pages | PDF | 14 MB

Before a crime is ever committed, law enforcement officials try to prevent lawbreaking by enacting policies and safeguards. Crime Fighting and Crime Prevention provides a clear look at the efforts of law enforcement agencies and civilians to control and prevent crimes. The various crime-prevention techniques covered range from computer databases that manage deployment of police officers and public relations campaigns and programs that enhance public awareness, to auxiliary police forces, neighborhood watch groups, and other community outreach programs. This informative book also explores the different branches and levels of law enforcement, including local police agencies, state police, specialized police units, and the FBI and other federal law enforcement agents; discusses the concept of jurisdiction; and explores the history and development of law enforcement with an emphasis on successes and breakthroughs. The last chapter outlines what steps civilians have taken and can take to safeguard themselves and their neighborhoods against crime.


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