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Bread Making And Bread Baking

Minnie E. Brothers, "Bread Making And Bread Baking: Embracing Selections In Pastry, General Cooking, Canning, Preserving, Pickling, Jelly Making And Candy Making"
English | 1915 | ISBN-10: 1297620518, 1330041852 | 136 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Bread Making and Bread Baking is a republication of Minnie E. Brothers 1915 cookbook focusing on the art of baking breads. As with many cookbooks it is not directed at the expert chef or baker; rather, it was written for "the housewife who is dealing with the perplexities of preparing the meals." While it may be politically incorrect to refer to a cookbook as the domain of a housewife today, Minnie E. Brothers is simply stating that this book is for the laymen.

This cookbook may quickly become indispensible for any laymen in the kitchen. While it is devoid of the fancy colourful images that fill up many modern cookbooks, you likely wont even notice once youve followed the simple directions and have the real thing right in front of you. The simplicity of this book is one of its finest assets.

And its more than just breads! Cakes, frostings, pies, fruit salads, conserves, and an entire section of delicious miscellaneous recipes are present. In fact, breads make up only a small portion of this cookbook. There is even an entire section on preparing your first Thanksgiving meal.

Unfortunately this republication by Forgotten Books is missing some pages. There are several sections where pages are absent, replaced only by blank pages. This is a result of the original source material having been damaged, and is a small price to pay for such an excellent reference.

Truly a simple but excellent cookbook. Recommended!


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