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Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Last Neanderthal: A Geneticists Search for Modern Apemen

Bryan Sykes, "Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Last Neanderthal: A Geneticists Search for Modern Apemen"
English | ISBN: 193887515X | 2016 | 320 pages | EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 | 8 MB

..".youre talking about a yeti or bigfoot or sasquatch. Well now, youll be amazed when I tell you that Im sure they exist." -Jane Goodall on NPRThis is "The Big Book of Yetis." What the reader gets here is a world-class geneticists search for evidence for the existence of Big Foot, yeti, or the abominable snowman.Along the way, he visits sites of alleged sightings of these strange creatures, attends meetings of cryptozoologists, recounts the stories of famous monster-hunting expeditions, and runs possible yeti DNA through his highly regarded lab in Oxford. Sykes introduces us to the crackpots, visionaries, and adventurers who have been involved in research into this possible scientific dead-end over the past 100 years. Sykes is a serious scientist who knows how to tell a story, and this is a credible and engaging account.Almost, but not quite human, the yeti and its counterparts from wild regions of the world, still exert a powerful atavistic influence on us. Is the yeti just a phantasm of our imagination or a survivor from our own savage ancestry? Or is it a real creature? This is the mystery that Bryan Sykes set out to unlock.


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