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Optical Fibers and RF: A Natural Combination

Optical Fibers and RF: A Natural Combination By Malcolm Romeiser
English | 2004 | 271 Pages | ISBN: 1884932347 | PDF | 3 MB

The optical fiber industry has experienced a period of consolidation and reorganization and is now poised for a new surge in growth. To take advantage of that growth, and to respond to the demand to use fiber more efficiently, designers need a better understanding of fiber optics. Taking the approach that optical fibers are an extension of RF-based communications, the author explains basic optical concepts, applications, and systems; the nature and performance characteristics of optical fibers; and optical sources, connectors and splices. Subsequent chapters explore current applications of fiber optic technology. Appropriate for use as a college text, this is an accessible and thorough treatment of fiber optics, without an intimidating amount of mathematical derivations.


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