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Retrofit: Love Working with APIs on Android

Marcus Pöhls, "Retrofit: Love Working with APIs on Android"
English | ISBN: n/a | 2016 | PDF | 80 pages | 1,5 MB

We cover all topics from the blog post series and additionally add more explanations to each topic and the examplary code snippets. Besides the explanations, youll get additional topics on OAuth handling (refresh your access token) and how to mock a API endpoints on Android side.

This book is for beginners and advanced readers as well. Well walk you through each topic with direct reference to code examples.

What Topics Are Covered in This Book?

The list below provides a comprehensive overview of covered topicS within the book.

Introduction to Retrofit
Getting started and create a sustainable Android REST client
Handling Authentication on Android (besides OAuth, we show basic and token authentication)
Managing and manipulating requests
Response handling and how to apply response converter
File upload
App release preparation including ProGuard configuration
Who Is This Book For?

This book is for Android developers who want to get an substantial overview and reference book of Retrofit. Youll benefit from the clearly recognizable code examples in regard to your daily work with Retrofit.

If youre just starting out with Retrofit (or coming from any other HTTP library like Android Asynchronous Http Client) this book will show you all important parts on how to create durable REST clients. The provided code snippets let you jumpstart and create your first successful API client within minutes.

You already worked with Retrofit before? Youll profit from our extensive code snippets and can improve your existing code base. Additionally, the book illustrates various use cases for different functionalities and setups like authentication against different backends, request composition and file uploads.


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