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John Mentory - Covert Emotional Manipulation Exposed!

"Covert Emotional Manipulation Exposed!: The Underhanded Mind Control Tactics That All Manipulators Use To Take Control In Personal Relationships" by John Mentory
2015 | EPUB | 230 pages | ISBN: 1515211568 | English | 188 KB

Emotional manipulation is a powerful and potentially deadly fact of life. It is not easy to recognize manipulation taking place. Some people are highly skilled at manipulating the emotions of other people in order to serve their own needs and desires. When this manipulation is carried out in a secretive and subtle way it can be referred to as ‘covert.

When you hear the word covert it might make you think of secretive special operations. In the case of emotional manipulation, this is actually accurate. Covert emotional manipulators are carrying out a secret mission to rob you of your self-esteem, willpower and ability to make decisions that are in your own best interest. Worst of all, you may not know this is even happening. The most skilled emotional manipulators will not only be able to hide their attempts to impact and influence you, but will also be able to make you feel as if you are the person who is behaving badly!

In his book entitled Covert Emotional Manipulation Exposed! Author John Mentory shows you everything you need to know to recognize, neutralize and fight back against covert emotional manipulation. You will understand the specific weapons and tactics that are used by manipulators to achieve their own selfish ends. You will be given a complete toolkit in order to regain control over your own life and stop anyone from having unfair power over you ever again.

You have a simple choice. You can ignore this book and the valuable information it contains and go through life at risk of being used by others for their own selfish ends. Or, you can read on, apply the information, and live a happy life that is within your own control.


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