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How To Maximize Router Speed

How To Maximize Router Speed: Solving Broadband Speed Problems, Internet Router Connections, Cabling Data sockets, Moving the Broadband Router, Installation, Data Cable by Martin Laurence
English | Feb. 6, 2016 | ASIN: B01BK2K0HO | 45 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 2.24 MB
This book details how to solve slow broadband issues, what to look for if a line is faulty, and goes into moving your Router and/or Hard-Wiring a data network.

I go into tools and equipment youll need, what to look for when running cables, and connections. All doable if you want to maximise your broadband to its full speed.

What are the reasons for a dire internet connection? They can be as simple as a faulty filter and as complex as your house architecture or even your internet provider. In this book I will cover the extensive problems that cause slow downs on Broadband and provide solutions:

-Solving broadband speed problems
-Looking at Internet Router Connections
-How to hard wire Data Sockets off your Router
-How to Move your Broadband Router

-All to make sure you are using your Internet speed to its full potential.

As a Data and Telecommunications Engineer for over 15 years Ive encountered many people struggling to use their broadband at top speed. One of the biggest speed restrictions is Wi-Fi and your house architecture blocking its signal. Did you know Wi-Fi is an incredibly ineffective way of using the Internet? In most cases its the house that is the problem; thick walls, perhaps theres metal inside the construction, multiple floors, and/or you may simply may be out of range. For example this is very common if your Router is at the front of the house and youre trying to use a computer at the rear of the house or even in an office in your shed.

I provide numerous solutions to tackling this from hard-wiring to moving your router so that speed doesnt become an issue.

I go into what equipment you will need to cable to the data socket, the actual data cabling - looking for the best cable route, what to avoid, and neatness - no one wants to see cables tram-lining down the skirting boards! Again Ill help you. I go into connecting your new socket and finally testing.

The simple aim of this book is to give someone a simple How to to max out your broadband speed. So lets look at what ill be covering.

1. Introduction to Broadband Problems
2. Line Quality
3. Checking Your Optimal Speed
4. Hard-Wiring Vs Wi-Fi
5. Using Only Wi-Fi and Maximising it
6. Equipment Need to Move Hard-Wire a Data link
7. Equipment Needed to Move the Router
8. Preparation
9. Cabling from the Router - Data Sockets
10. Moving the Router - A New Socket
11. Connecting a Data Cable
12. Connecting a Line Socket
13. Testing the Hard-Wired Socket
14. Testing the Router
15. Faster and Finished!

So number 1 before we even get into the rest of the book - lets check our Broadband speed right now. With everything as it is, what ever youre using - WFfi or Hard-Wiring. You can go onto websites like Speed Checker and it will tell you your maximum upload and download speed.

This is a barometer for us to know where we stand right now and gives us a guide as to how much we can improve.

Write both numbers down. Okay done that? We now have our current speed - now lets improve it!


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