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"Recent Interferometry Applications in Topography and Astronomy" ed. by Ivan Padron

"Recent Interferometry Applications in Topography and Astronomy" ed. by Ivan Padron
English | ITAe | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535104049 | 229 pages | PDF | 26 MB
This book provides a current overview of the theoretical and experimental aspects of some interferometry techniques applied to Topography and Astronomy. Each chapter offers an opportunity to expand the knowledge about interferometry techniques and encourage researchers in development of new interferometry applications.

The first two chapters comprise interferometry techniques used for precise measurement of surface topography in engineering applications; while chapters three through eight are dedicated to interferometry applications related to Earths topography.
The last chapter is an application of interferometry in Astronomy, directed specifically to detection of planets outside our solar system.

1 Coherence Correlation Interferometry in Surface Topography Measurements
2 Surface Micro Topography Measurement Using Interferometry
3 Advanced Multitemporal Phase Unwrapping Techniques for DlnSAR Analyses
4 Simulation of 3-D Coastal Spit Geomorphology Using Differential Synthetic Aperture Interferometry (DlnSAR)
5 Local, Fine Co-Registration of SAR Interferometry Using the Number of Singular Points for the Evaluation
6 Robust Interferometric Phase Estimation in InSAR via Joint Subspace Projection
7 Airborne Passive Localization Method Based on Doppler-Phase Interference Measuring
8 Experiences in Boreal Forest Stem Volume Estimation from Multitemporal ะก-Band InSAR
9 Interferometry to Detect Planets Outside Our Solar System
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