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"Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics and Other Applications" ed. by Donna Post Guillen

"Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics and Other Applications" ed. by Donna Post Guillen
English | ITAe | 2013 | ISBN: 9789535109877 | 200 pages | PDF | 22 MB
This book includes contributions from researchers around the world on numerical developments and applications to predict fluid flow and heat transfer, with an emphasis on thermal hydraulics computational fluid dynamics. The contents of this book will interest researchers, scientists, engineers and graduate students.

The collection of material presented in this book augments the ever-increasing body of knowledge concerning the important topic of thermal hydraulics. Featured topics include coolant channel analysis, thermal hydraulic transport and mixing, as well as hydrodynamics and heat transfer processes.

Section 1 CFD Applications for Nuclear Reactor Safety
1 The Coolant Channel Module CCM -A Basic Element for the Construction of Thermal-Hydraulic Models and Codes
2 Large Eddy Simulation of Thermo-Hydraulic Mixing in a T-Junction
3 CFD as a Tool for the Analysis of the Mechanical Integrity of Light Water Nuclear Reactors
Section 2 General Thermal Hydraulic Applications
4 Thermal Hydraulics Design and Analysis Methodology for a Solid-Core Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine Thrust Chamber
5 CFD Simulation of Flows in Stirred Tank Reactors Through Prediction of Momentum Source
6 Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer Simulation of Fluidized Bed Using CFD
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