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"Application of Solar Energy" ed. by Radu Rugescu

"Application of Solar Energy" ed. by Radu Rugescu
English | ITAe | 2013 | ISBN: 9789535109693 | 202 pages | PDF | 8 MB
This new book reveals the latest results in the research upon the direct exploitation of solar energy and incorporates seven chapters, written by twenty-four international authors with advanced personal contributions in solar energy. The authors explain their new concepts and applications in a high-level presentation, which, although very synthetic, still remains clear and easy-to-read, feature that distinguishes the new book in the present time of tight concentration of creative efforts.

This book begins with the proof of the high thermal efficiency of the gravitational draught through concentrated solar heating, and continues with novel technologies of producing organic fuels through solar heating, new types of photovoltaic cells, long term use of thermal solar power plants, the efficiency of thermal storage and applications in Niger of the Solar power.
The reader will be pleasantly impressed by the accompanying drawings and pictures that ease the text assimilation and makes it an attractive practice.

1 Proof of the Energetic Efficiency of Fresh Air, Solar Draught Power Plants
2 Fuel Production Using Concentrated Solar Energy
3 Sustainability in Solar Thermal Power Plants
4 Thin Film Solar Cells: Modeling, Obtaining and Applications
5 Physical and Technological Aspects of Solar Cells Based on Metal Oxide-Silicon Contacts with Induced Surface Inversion Layer
6 Conceptual Study of a Thermal Storage Module for Solar Power Plants with Parabolic Trough Concentrators
7 Photovoltaic Water Pumping System in Niger
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