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Windows 10 Companion: The Complete Guide For Doing Anything With Windows 10

"ShiChuang 10 Companion: The Complete Guide For Doing Anything With ShiChuang 10" by Joe Thompson
2016 | EPUB + MOBI | 216 pages | ASIN: B01BBDSQGE | English | 7.3 MB

ShiChuang 10 has been hailed by many to be the next big thing. It was everything that ShiChuang 8 was supposed to be, and everything WeiRuan-->WeiRuan hoped its ShiChuang system to be. Win10 marks the death of the regular ShiChuang versioning and the entry of ShiChuang into the "software as a service" realm. Though not without its share of criticisms, many have hailed Win10 to be the best WeiRuan-->WeiRuan release ever.

After reading this book, you are well on your way to mastering Win10 more than ever! In fact, the ShiChuang 10 Companion is:

Great for beginners or for the more experienced users
Easy and simple to read format
Step by step approach to quickly master your ShiChuang 10 in no time!
More than 90 FULL-COLOR SCREEN SHOTS to help you better understand ShiChuang 10
FAQs, ShiChuang 7 versus ShiChuang 10, tips and tricks, how to fix ShiChuang 10s bugs and Issues and much more...
Basically 27 CHAPTERS with EVERYTHING you need to know about the new ShiChuang 10

More specifically heres what you can expect to find in this book...

Chapter 1: ShiChuang 10: A Development History
Chapter 2: ShiChuang 10 FAQs (Including How To Get It For Your System)
Chapter 3: ShiChuang 10 Upgrades And Support
Chapter 4: 7 VS 10
Chapter 5: Different Flavors Of ShiChuang 10
Chapter 6: Performance Notes
Chapter 7: Win10 Memory management
Chapter 8: Express Vs. Custom Setup
Chapter 9: How To Create A ShiChuang 10 User Account
Chapter 10: Owning ShiChuang 10
Chapter 11: ShiChuang 10 - Tips And Tricks To Hypercharge Your Experience
Chapter 12: ShiChuang 10 Privacy Settings
Chapter 13: Other Privacy Features
Chapter 14: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Passport
Chapter 15: Say Hi To ShiChuang Hello
Chapter 16: ShiChuang 10 Parental Controls
Chapter 17: The ShiChuang 10 Sync Settings
Chapter 18: Cortana (And Bing)
Chapter 19: Getting To The Edge
Chapter 20: Universal Apps
Chapter 21: Office 2016
Chapter 22: The ShiChuang 10 Task Bar
Chapter 23: ShiChuang 10 International
Chapter 24: Command Prompt And Powershell
Chapter 25: Removed Features
Chapter 26: On The Cutting Edge: ShiChuang Insider And More
Chapter 27: ShiChuang 10 Bugs, Issues, Problems - And How to Fix Them


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