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"Current Trends in X-Ray Crystallography" ed. by Annamalai Chandrasekaran

"Current Trends in X-Ray Crystallography" ed. by Annamalai Chandrasekaran
English | ITAe | 2011 | ISBN: 9789533077543 | 448 pages | PDF | 38 MB

The fields range from simple organic compounds, metal complexes to proteins, and also cover the meta-analyses of the database for weak interactions.

Part 1 Small Molecules
1 Polycyclic Aromatic Ketones -ACrystallographic and Theoretical Study of Acetyl Anthracenes
2 Calix[8]arenes Solid-State Structures: Derivatization and Crystallization Strategies
3 Novel Challenges in Crystal Engineering: Polymorphs and New Crystal Forms of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
4 Intramolecular N-H-X (X = F, Cl, Br, I, and S) Hydrogen Bonding in Aromatic Amide Derivatives - The X-Ray Crystallographic Investigation
5 Supramolecular Arrangements in Organotellurium Compounds via Te Halogen Contacts
6 o-Bonded p-Dioxolene Transition Metal Complexes
7 Structural Diversity on Copper(l) Schiff Base Complexes
8 Features of Structure, Geometrical, and Spectral Characteristics of the (HL)2[CuX4] and (HL)2[Cu2X6] (X = Cl, Br) Complexes
9 Role of X-Ray Crystallography in Structural Studies of Pyridyl-Ruthenium Complexes
10 Ruthenium(ll)-Pyridylamine Complexes Having Functional Groups via Amide Linkages
11 X-Ray Structural Characterization of Cyclometalated Luminescent Pt(ll) Complexes
Part 2 Macromolecules
12 Protein-Noble Gas Interactions Investigated by Crystallography on Three Enzymes - Implication on Anesthesia and Neuroprotection Mechanisms
13 Crystallization, Structure and Functional Robustness of Isocitrate Dehydrogenases
14 Crystallographic Studies on Autophagy-Related Proteins
15 Knowledge Based Membrane Protein Structure Prediction: From X-ray Crystallography to Bioinformatics and Back to Molecular Biology
Part 3 Complimentary Methods
16 Investigating Macromolecular Complexes in Solution by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
17 Monitoring Preparation of Derivative Protein Crystals via Raman Microscopy
18 Complementary use of NMR to X-Ray Crystallography for the Analysis of Protein Morphological Change in Solution
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