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"Advances in Unconventional Lithography" ed. by Gorgi Kostovski

"Advances in Unconventional Lithography" ed. by Gorgi Kostovski
English | ITAe | 2011 | ISBN: 9789533076072 | 196 pages | PDF | 17 MB
This book provides a compelling overview of some of the advances in lithography, as recounted by the researchers themselves. Topics discussed include nanoimprinting for plasmonic biosensing, soft lithography for neurobiology and stem cell differentiation, colloidal substrates for two-tier self-assembled nanostructures, tuneable diffractive elements using photochromic polymers, and extreme-UV lithography.

Part 1 Nanoimprint Lithographies
1 Soft UV Nanoimprint Lithography: A Tool to Design Plasmonic Nanobiosensors
Part 2 Lithographies for Biological Applications
2 Application of Soft Lithography and Micro-Fabrication on Neurobiology
3 Toward the Precise Control of Cell Differentiation Processes by Using Micro and Soft Lithography
Part 3 Self-Assembled Colloidal Substrates for Nanofabrication
4 Fabrication of Surfaces with Bimodal Roughness Through Polyelectrolyte/Colloid Assembly
5 Physical Deposition Assisted Colloidal Lithography: A Technique to Ordered Micro/Nanostructured Arrays
Part 4 Periodic Structures for Diffractive Optics and Surface Wetting
6 Design of Circular Dammann Grating: Fabrication and Analysis
7 Fabrication of Binary Diffractive Lens on Optical Films by Electron Beam Lithography
8 Photocontrolled Reversible Dimensional Changes of Microstructured Photochromic Polymers
Part 5 Extreme UV Lithography
9 Approach to EUV Lithography Simulation
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