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01. Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius? by Angus Dunnington
02. Checkmate for Children by Kevin Stark (ePUB)
03. Chess Opening Essentials (Volume 4) by Stefan Diuric, Dimitri Komarov, Claudio Pantaleoni
04. How to Beat Your Kids at Chess (2nd Ed) by David MacEnulty (ePUB)
05. This Week's Chess by R. B. Sapre (articles scanned by me)
06. Pawn Power (The Batsford Chess Library) by Angus Dunnington
07. Planning in Chess (Tournament players' collection) by Janos Flesch
08. Sharpen Your Tactics - 1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations & Studies by Anatoly Lein, Boris Archangelsky
09. Study Chess with Tal by Mikhail Tal & Alexander Koblencs (ePUB)
10. Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Chess) by Tim Harding

10 Chess Books - February 201

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