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Victor Boc - The Five Greatest Secrets of Poker and Life: How to Win at Whatever You Do

"The Five Greatest Secrets of Poker and Life: How to Win at Whatever You Do" by Victor Boc
2013 | EPUB | 130 pages | ISBN: 0912937637 | English | 0.3 MB

Win at Whatever You Do!
This book unmasks the most powerful secrets of poker and shows you how to apply them in everyday life. The result is a life transformed, where victory, instead of defeat, guides your fate!

"Winning Changes Everything!"
The brutal truth is: Life involves competition. Everywhere you turn, whatever you try to accomplish, someone stands in your way, battling you for what you want. You must compete when looking for a job, starting a business, writing a book, auditioning for a position, pursuing the man/woman of your dreams... whatever. To come out on top, you need to win! Dont let our dog-eat-dog world chew you up. Use tactics that carry you to victory! Use dirty little secrets that empower you to pulverize all who stand your way. Youre in luck! You will find those secrets in this book.

Amazing secrets reveal how to WIN!
These secrets work like magic! And quick! And easy! When you win lifes challenges, you guarantee outrageous success and power! These proven tactics blast your life into the stratosphere!

Become a Winner Now!
You do not need to be a poker player to use these secrets. If you dont know the first thing about poker, thats fine. You dont even need to like poker. This book is not primarily about poker. It is about gaining the power to conquer anyone and anything at any time. (The least this book will do is improve your poker game.) These secrets transform every aspect of your life!

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