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Sex and Marriage: How to Guide for Sex and Passion and Desire for Married Couples

"Sex and Marriage: How to Guide for Sex and Passion and Desire for Married Couples" by Rochelle Foxx
2015 | EPUB | 112 pages | ISBN: 1511597380 | English | 0.1 MB

MARRIED COUPLES EDITION - DIRTY SECRETS REVEALED! Discover How You Can Transform a Dull Sex Life Into The Sexual Fantasy You Always Dreamt Of

Here Is A Sneak Peak of Sex In Marriage...

Discover The 10 Ways To Turn Your Love Life Info a Lustful Desire
Why More Relationships Are Failing
No More Routines, Only Passionate Love Making
How To Communicate Your Sexual Desires And Needs
How Quickies Really Should Be Done
Learn How Your Body Image Plays a Big Role In Satisfying Your Partner
Discover the Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Sex
No More Fake Orgasms
The Kind Of Blowjobs That Will Give Him Pure Ecstasy
Make Her Go Wild With These Oral Sex Tips
Role-Playing For More Intense Orgasms
Sexual Foods That Will Put You In The Mood
Much, much more!

"Whether you are happy with your sex life, or are looking for ways to spice it up, or youre flat out BORED and maybe even frustrated with how dull your sex life has turned out to be, then this book will definitely give you new eyes and desires for what your sex life could look like... Because this book is filled with all the juicy details that will do that for you.

We all know how fast paced the world has become and our work days are getting longer and longer. You may feel that there is no time to romantic and intimate with our partners like we used to. Its much easier to just watch TV the rest of the night after putting the kids to bed, than it is to take initiative to have crazy wild sex. And the days you do have sex, it rather lacks excitement and is more of a fast release than passionate love making. If this is what your sex life has turned into, then youre not alone.

The fact that you decided to pick up this book proves you truly care about your marriage and are willing to put in the work. With these NEW strategies youll learn NEW methods thatll draw you closer to each other in new, fun and exciting sexual ways.

In many ways this book is also Divorce Prevention 101. Did you know 90% of spouses that cheat do so because they feel SEXUALLY UNFULFILLED in their relationship? Do not let that happen to your marriage! Start taking your sex life to the next level today, dont let life pass you by. Choose happiness, choose to live out your sexual fantasies with your special someone."

-Rochelle Foxx

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