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Draw Horses

Draw Horses (Discover Drawing) by Lee Hammond
English | July 30, 2001 | ISBN: 1581801505 | 80 Pages | PDF | 12.9 MB

Theres nothing quite so captivating as the elegant lines, powerful muscles and graceful movements of a horse. For centuries, artists have celebrated these exquisite creatures in their work-now you can too!

Lee Hammond shows you how with her special step-by-step method for breaking down each subject into easily drawn shapes that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Shell teach you the basics of horse anatomy along with the finer details, including facial features, hair, legs and hooves. Youll learn blending and shading techniques to capture a horses form and dimension, then give each animal personality, conveying emotion and spirit with startling realism.

Learn to draw horses of any age, in any stance. Master the techniques needed to render a horse in motion, and capture the speed, power and grace of an animal on the move. Hammond makes it easy, illustrating each lesson with start-to-finish exercises and invaluable advice.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to grab your pencil, saddle up and begin your new artistic journey.


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