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Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations

Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations By C. C. Lee, Shun Dar Lin
English | 2000 | 1504 Pages | ISBN: 0070381836 | scanned PDF | 61 MB

With EPA insider C.C. Lee and Shun Dar Lins Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculation, complex problems get solved and regulatory issues cease causing concern. This solutions-oriented guide takes you through the Integration of regulatory requirements into environmental design, providing tested tools that make every aspect of environmental assessment, control, protection, and compliance more manageable. The environmental professionals solutions kit!!! Environmental engineering encompasses many areas, ranging from solid waste disposal to air pollution control and the end-of-pipe treatment to pollution prevention. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations covers them all. This book provides a step-by-step, practical calculational procedures on various environmental subject such as solid waste incineration and pollution control. More importantly, This book is intended to be a reference tool for those who are involved in the protection of air, water and land. It integrates the regulatory requirements into environmental designs so that the result can make these designs more acceptable to regulators. A majority of the calculation examples provide in this book are originated by the authors themselves and part of the materials were excerpted from previous U.S. EPA publications. Written for environmental engineers, regulators, and other professionals who want to do it right the first time in the simplest possible way, the Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations breaks down complex issues into one-step-at-a-time procedures. A hands-on necessity for those who work in this field, its a book youll wonder how you ever did without.


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