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Shock Wave-Boundary-Layer Interactions

Holger Babinsky, John K. Harvey, "Shock Wave-Boundary-Layer Interactions"
English | Publisher: Cambridge University Press | 2011 | ISBN: 0521848520 | 480 pages | PDF | 12 MB
Shock wave-boundary-layer interaction (SBLI) is a fundamental phenomenon in gas dynamics that is observed in many practical situations, ranging from transonic aircraft wings to hypersonic vehicles and engines. SBLIs have the potential to pose serious problems in a flowfield; hence they often prove to be a critical - or even design limiting - issue for many aerospace applications.

This is the first book devoted solely to a comprehensive, state-of-the-art explanation of this phenomenon. It includes a description of the basic fluid mechanics of SBLIs plus contributions from leading international experts who share their insight into their physics and the impact they have in practical flow situations. This book is for practitioners and graduate students in aerodynamics who wish to familiarize themselves with all aspects of SBLI flows. It is a valuable resource for specialists because it compiles experimental, computational and theoretical knowledge in one place.

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Tags: Boundary, Interactions

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