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An Act of Courage (Matthew Hervey 07) by Allan Mallinson

An Act of Courage (Matthew Hervey 07) by Allan Mallinson
Publisher: ..a,,am (May 13, 2008) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 0553816748 | EPUB/MOBI | 496 pages | 530KB/734KB

The seventh novel in the acclaimed and bestselling Matthew Hervey series finds Hervey alone and a prisoner in the fortress of Badajos on the Spanish border.

While Hervey - taken captive in the final pages of The Sabre's Edge - plans his escape from the Spanish, his memories turn to 1812 when, as a young cornet, he was part of Wellington's victorious army as it pushed its way north through Spain towards the Pyrenees. But first the British had to storm the fortress where he is imprisoned now: Badajos - a fortress of huge strategic importance - where French resistance was at its most fierce and most bloody.

Both The Sabre's Edge and Rumours of War were Sunday Times bestsellers in hardcover.


Praise for Allan Mallinson's books:

"Now, at last, a highly literate, deeply-read cavalry officer of high rank shows one the nature of horse-borne warfare in those times."

桺atrick O'Brian on A Close Run Thing

"Mallinson's descriptions of what it's like to be on campaign are as compelling, vivid and plausible as in any war novel I've ever read."

?i>Telegraph on Rumours of War

"What a hero! What an author! What a book! A joy for the lover of adventure and the military buff alike."?i>The Times on The Sabre's Edge


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