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E-Learning Fundamentals

E-Learning Fundamentals by Diane Elkins
English | June 1, 2015 | ISBN: 1562869477 | 176 Pages | EPUB/MOBI | 4.39 MB/6.01 MB

This ultimate roadmap covers the entire e-learning landscape. Why do we even need e-learning? What is an LMS? How do I write a storyboard? If youre delving into e-learning and are coming up with more questions than answers, this guide is the high-level overview youve been looking for.
In this book, e-learning development experts and educators Diane Elkins and Desiree Pinder deliver a comprehensive examination of the e-learning process from the ground up.

E-Learning Fundamentals provides the base of knowledge necessary to tackle everything from early concepts of e-learning down to its execution. Throughout, youll find vignettes that bring concepts to life as well as checklists and practical tools for designing and developing your first e-learning course.

In this book you will:

dive into the basics of e-learning design and development
explore the e-learning course design and development process-from analysis through evaluation
learn to write and storyboard a course, construct test questions, choose media, put the course together, and establish a thorough review process.

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