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Super Health With Food

Super Health With Food by Vincent S. Filingeri
2015 | ASIN: B00XZHVY2S | eISBN: 9781622879137 | English | 285 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

Super Health With Food discusses the importance of food to achieve and maintain super health. This book presents detailed information on specific nutrients, including their possible health uses, food sources, and high intake side effects. A summary of the contents are as follows:
Introduction - purpose and goals in writing this book

Vitamins - water and fat soluble vitamins

Minerals - major and trace minerals

Omega Fatty Acids - omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids

Amino Acids - essential and non-essential amino acids

Antioxidants/Probiotics/Hormones - important antioxidants, probiotics, and hormones

Health Topics - includes heart disease, diabetes mellitus, immunity, stress, and others

Medication and Adverse Side Effects - medications with their possible side effects

Acidity - Alkalinity - includes acidic/alkaline foods, GMOs, food allergies/contamina-

tion, and selected foods with their possible health benefits

Herbs and Spices - possible health uses and high intake side effects

Medical Laboratory Tests - includes blood, urine, saliva, stool, and miscellaneous medical laboratory tests with selective blood tests interpretations

Conclusions - based on the contents of the book to achieve and maintain SUPER HEALTH

Author_Bio: Dr. Filingeri is a licensed psychologist in New York, New Jersey, and Arizona. He was the former Executive Director of a medically based weight control center in New York. In addition, Dr. Filingeri was a senior consultant to a national weight control corporation for product development and research. As a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Health Psychology (Division #38), and the American Educational Research Association (AERA), he has written and conducted research in the field of weight control. Dr. Filingeri has taught psychology courses at both the City University of New York (CUNY) and the State University of New York (SUNY). With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Filingeri has incorporated his knowledge and expertise into his writings. He has also authored the books, Comprehensive Review of Psychology, Fat Control : The NET Equation, and Super Health With Food.

Keywords: Health, Wellness, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Acidity - Alkalinity, Herbs/Spices

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