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The Truth about Dogs: An Inquiry Into the Ancestory, Social Conventions, Mental Habit...

Stephen Budiansky, "The Truth about Dogs: An Inquiry Into the Ancestory, Social Conventions, Mental Habits, and Moral Fiber of Canis Familiaris"
English | ISBN: 0670892726, 014100228X | 2000 | 263 pages | PDF | 25 MB

Scientist, author, and dog lover Stephen Budiansky draws on cutting-edge genetic research to reveal what really makes your dog tick, and why

With originality and keen insight, Stephen Budianksy offers an unprecedented look into the evolution and psyche of man's best friend. In The Truth About Dogs new evidence from behavioral science, archeology, neuroscience--and the Dog Genome Project--probes the unique relationship between Homo sapiens and Canis familiari.

Writing with an eye toward improving our relationships with our dogs, Budiansky discusses the enigma of the dog's very early evolutionary divergence from the wolf, and how the dog found the perfect survival niche in a symbiotic bond with humans.

Just as we are genetically programmed to seek signs of love and loyalty, dogs are genetically programmed to complement this foible of ours. In fact, in the dog's evolutionary path, cognitive skills, and social constructions lies the key to understanding these wonderful but odd creatures. After this wry and informed tour of the world from a dog's-eye view, we'll never look at our pets the same way again.

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Tags: Inquiry, Ancestory, Social, Conventions, Mental

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