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The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever

The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever by Jeofrey Bean, Sean Van Tyne
2011 | ISBN: 098266446X | English | 160 pages | EPUB | 0.25 MB

The customer experience revolution has begun! Businesses that provide an extraordinary customer experience are more profitable and sustainable than their competition. They dominate their industries and marginalize competing companies. In their innovative book, The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever; authors Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne uncover valuable insights about leadership and decision-making. At large and small companies they call Experience Makers, the focus has surpassed products, services, and price toward the purpose-built customer experience and the user experience within it. Customer experience is an all-encompassing term that goes beyond traditional definitions of marketing, customer service, customer satisfaction, and product development. Delivering extraordinary customer experience is becoming more and more important, according to J.D. Power and Associates. We know from the data that people will pay for it, says Gary Tucker. Unique to customer experience books, Bean and Van Tyne capture the key elements of customer experience through interviews with business leaders. The book shows how Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz spearheaded a customer experience strategy using social media that built tremendous customer loyalty. An interview with executive Larry Tesler reveals the leadership qualities of Steve Jobs at Apple and Jeff Bezos at Amazon. It shows how Reed Hastings at Netflix brought down Blockbuster and continues to stay competitive. The book tells the story of Square (founded by Jack Dorsey of Twitter), as well as many other companies, including Intuit, LPL Financial, Skinit, EMN8, IDriveSafely, and more. These profiles of leaders in companies both large and small show the value of creating a complete customer experience ecosystem. Bean and Van Tyne found twelve essential leadership qualities common to the best companies in total customer experience management. They insist that these best practices can no longer be ignored for a company to remain successful. Customer expectations have risen and will continue to change. The Customer Experience Revolution shows why every business needs to make customer experience an integral part of its business strategy.

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