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"Earth Sciences" ed. by Imran Ahmad Dar

"Earth Sciences" ed. by Imran Ahmad Dar
InTech | 2012 | ISBN: 9533078618 9789533078618 | 659 pages | PDF | 112 MB

This book offers one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatments of topics from fundamental geologic principles, to the specifics of environmental and geologic hazards, all from a truly environmental perspective. It fully discusses both processes and environmental issues and details, where appropriate, of the quantification of geologic processes. The book is written for research scholars, geologists, civil engineers, mining engineers, and environmentalists. The text will be used by students, and it will continue to be of value to them throughout their subsequent professional and research careers.

Earth Sciences deploy an interdisciplinary mix of physics, chemistry, biology, math, and natural science to understand the mysteries of nature.

The studies of Earth's history and of the physical and chemical properties of the substances that make up our planet, are of great significance to our understanding both of its past and its future. The geological and other environmental processes on Earth and the composition of the planet are of vital importance in locating and harnessing its resources.

The book has been divided into 11 sections; geology, geochemistry, seismology, petroleum geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, mineralogy, mining, volcanology, remote sensing, and environmental sciences.

Part 1 Geology
1 The Expanding International Coal Market
2 Weathering Indices for Assessment of Weathering Effect and Classification of Weathered Rocks: A Case Study from NE Turkey
3 The Effectiveness of Petrified Wood as a Geobiological Portal to Increase Public Understanding of Geologic Time, Fossilization, and Evolution
4 Debris Flow Phenomena: A Short Overview?
5 Heat-Transfer-Model Analysis of the Thermal Effect of Intrusive Sills on Organic-Rich Host Rocks in Sedimentary Basins
6 Submarine Mass Movements: Sedimentary Characterization and Controlling Factors
Part 2 Geochemistry
7 Self-Organization of the Khibiny Alkaline Massif (Kola Penin
Part 3 Seismology
8 Seismic Imaging of Microblocks and Weak Zones in the Crust Beneath the Southeastern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Part 4 Petroleum Geology
9 Advances and Challenges of Reservoir Characterization: A Review of the Current State-of-the-Art
10 Mechanisms and Effective Prevention of Damage for Formations with Low-Porosity and Low-Permeability
Part 5 Hydrology
11 Application of Hagedoorn's Plus-Minus Method to Hydrology Study
12 Responses of River Deltas to Sea-Level and Supply Forcing: Autostratigraphic View
Part 6 Hydrogeology
13 Numerical Geodynamic Modeling of Continental Convergent Margins
14 The Thermogeographic Model in Paleogeography: Application of an Abiotic Model to a Plate Tectonic World
Part 7 Minerology
15 Mesothermal Lode Gold Deposit Central Belt Peninsular Malaysia
Part 8 Mining
16 Computer Aided Ore Body Modelling and Mine Valuation
Part 9 Volcanology
17 Mud Volcano and Its Evolution
18 Xujiaweizi Rift Lower Cretaceous Yingcheng Group Volcanic Sequence Stratigraphic Features
Part 10 Remote Sensing
19 Laser Altimetry: What Can Be Learned About Geology and Surface Processes from Detailed Topography
20 Remote Predictive Mapping: An Approach for the Geological Mapping of Canada's Arctic
Part 11 Environmental Sciences
21 Monitoring of Heavy Metal Concentration in Groundwater of Mamundiyar Basin, India
22 Age Dating of Middle-Distillate Fuels Released to the Subsurface Environment
23 Geology and Geomorphology in Landscape Ecological Analysis for Forest Conservation and Hazard and Risk Assessment, Illustrated with Mexican Case Histories
24 Radiolarian Age Constraints of Mid-Cretaceous Black Shales in Northern Tunisia
25 Miogypsinid Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy from the Oligocene to Miocene Sedimentary Rocks in the Tethys Region

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