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Handbook of Nanofabrication (repost)

Gary Wiederrecht, -Handbook of Nanofabrication-

English | 2009-12-24 | ISBN: 0123751764 | 310 pages | PDF | 13,4 MB

Many of the devices and systems used in modern industry are becoming progressively smaller and have reached the nanoscale domain. Nanofabrication aims at building nanoscale structures, which can act as components, devices, or systems, in large quantities at potentially low cost. Nanofabrication is vital to all nanotechnology fields, especially for the realization of nanotechnology that involves the traditional areas across engineering and science.

-Includes chapters covering the most important Nanofabrication techniques, which aids comprehensive understanding of the latest manufacturing technologies encountered in the field of nano-level manufacturing which is essential for preparing for advanced study and application in nanofabrication techniques by enabling thorough understanding of the entire nanofabrication process as it applies to advanced electronic and related manufacturing technologies.

-Each chapter covers a nanofabrication technique comprehensively, which allows the reader to learn to produce nanometer-level products as well as collect, process, and analyze data, improve process parameters, and how to assist engineers in research, development and manufacture of the same.

-Includes contributions from recognized experts from around the globe, making the reader aware of variations in similar techniques applied in different geographical locations and is better positioned to establish all possible global applications.

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Handbook of Nanofabrication (repost)
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